Mobile Carwash

A Premium Wash At Your Convenience

As Chico's first and only 100% Reverse Osmosis mobile car wash, we can save you time and energy by providing our superior services on site. We come to you with the most advanced technology and techniques in the industry for a wash of unparalleled quality. Our reverse osmosis filtered water and foam cannons remove all loose dirt and debris. We use only the highest quality surfactants and high end belt driven electric pressure-washers that heat water to the specific temperature as required by your vehicles finish.

Normal car washing always results in damage to the vehicle's paint when particles embedded on the materials used to scrub are dragged across it. That is why only use brand new premium microfiber wash mits and a straining two bucket method that cleanses the mit each pass.

Often times if a vehicle's wax or protective coating is intact and it is not heavily soiled our foam cannons can clean your vehicle with out even touching it. We use only PH balanced soap that will remove all contaminates with minimal mechanical agitation.

Onsite Services

Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water
Expect a spot free finish! Our state of the art mobile Reverse Osmosis filters remove approximately 99.9% of water contaminates. This eliminates spotting due to water hardness without the use of chemical softeners.

High Pressure Foam Cannons
Foam cannons deliver soft, fluffy snow foam at pressures up to 5000 psi. Snow Foam is thicker, slicker, and gentler than standard suds. Billions of scrubbing bubbles cut through dirt and grime and safely and guide them off the paint for a scratch-free wash. It also uses less water for eco-friendly washing.

A Swirl Free Shine
Unlike other car washes we use only new microfiber wash mits each time. Reusing of mits leads to the accumulation debris on them. These debris then scratch and abrade the paint when scrubbing. Don't let your car's paint be damaged, choose Alpha Auto Detailing!

services we offer

  • Aluminum Polishing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Tire & Wheal Treatment
  • Maintenance Detail
  • Sticker Removal
  • Road Tar Removal
  • Undercarriage cleaning
  • Engine compartment Detail
  • Spray Paint Removal

Our Standard of excellence

Recognizing the need to offer our customers a professional set of services that they can trust and rely upon, we have invested heavily in the latest equipment, formal training, premium products and comprehensive liability insurance. Potential customers should note that we are not amateur enthusiasts; we have a wealth of experience and detailing is our full time profession.

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