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We are very proud to offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning customers in Chico and surrounding areas who want the very best in car care for their vehicles. We undertake everything from simple paint inspections through to full paint correction details, and also provide new car preparation services and a range of annual maintenance plans. The standard of our work is second to none, as proven by the enviable portfolio of work we have acquired over the last eleven years, mainly from word of mouth recommendations alone.


We are very proud to offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning customers throughout Chico and surrounding areas who want the very best in car care for their vehicles. We undertake everything from simple paint inspections through to full paint correction details, and also provide new car preparation services and a range of annual maintenance plans.

smoke removal
Smoker's Remedy
Buy a used vehicle that was owned by a smoker? Quit smoking or want to help someone else quit smoking? This detail was designed to get all the ash and as much of the smell from smoking out of a vehicle. 75-100% of smells cleaned and treated, not just masked.
leather rejuvenation
Leather Rejuvenation
Intensive 24 hour leather deep cleaning & conditioning process using rejuvenating oils, revitalizes the hide with essential oils to create supple and soft leather again. Brings back the rich and new smell that you remember.
leather repair
Interior Steam Cleaning
Steam rehydrates, conditions and restores leather and does an amazing job even on water-sensitive fabrics. Materials like alcantara or suede can be safely cleaned with our advanced system which produces steam with a very low water content.
Pet Hair Removal
While we offer pet hair removal as additional option, it's most commonly billed if your vehicle has excessive dog hair buildup & the removal of which leads to a longer run time for your interior detail service. If pet hair levels in your vehicle concern you, please contact us & we'll do our best to assist you!
HVAC Cleaning
A interior ventilation cleansing using a water and alcohol based cleaner that is disinfecting, fungicidal, germ killing and odor neutralizers produces a rich foam. This guarantees an effective and thorough cleaning of your HVAC system inside your vehicle. This process effectively restores in-car air quality and makes for a healthier and great smelling driving environment. No need for dis-assembly of any sort is required for this service.
OZONE Interior Treatment
Ozone shock treatment is a process in which an Ozone Generator is placed inside the vehicle and with the use of high voltage electricity turns Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) which eliminates the vehicle's interior environment which would normally be conducive for germs, viruses and fungi. This is a great as an odor elimination process. The vehicle is also run with the A/C and re-circulatory function to ensure HVAC neutralization.
Chemical Decontamination
Chemical decontamination is an advanced procedure where specific chemicals are used to remove either acidic or alkaline contaminants off the surface or metal particles off and out of paint. Two common products used for chemically decontaminating paint include the Paint Contamination Removal System by Finish Kare or Iron X products by CarPro.
Headlight Restoration
In the past, replacing scratched, clouded or yellowed plastic headlight covers was an expensive necessity in order to preserve safety. But now with our Lens Restoration solutions, car and motorcycle owners can shine and restore plastic lenses — including headlights, tail lights, fog and directional lights — to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost.
Aluminum Polishing
We use our advanced techniques to restore aluminum surfaces to a mirror-like finish. It is a very popular treatment for wheals, engine compartments, motorcycle engines and boat pontoons. Restore your faded and hazy aluminum surfaces for a an added pop on your vehicle, call Alpha Auto Detailing today!

Detailing Packages

Detailing has different meanings to different people, which is why at Alpha Auto Detail, we offer a wide variety of proper and professional detailing services to suit your needs. From a simple car wash, using Reverse Osmosis water, ph balanced soap and foam cannon to extensive paint correction at Alpha Auto Detailing we offer it all. There is a big difference between our premium professional wash and the scrub and spray you would get common car wash.

Basic Detail package starts at $250* and Includes


Our reverse osmosis filtered water and foam cannons remove all loose dirt and debris. We use only the highest quality surfactants and high end belt driven electric pressure-washers that heat water to the specific temperature as required by your vehicles finish.


All surfaces are cleaned and treated accordingly depending on their materials. We use advanced steam cleaning methods to remove all contaminants and leave your interior looking like new. Carpets and floor mats will be treated with durable fabric protectants.

1-Step Cleaner/Wax

Our 1-step cleaner wax cleans, polishes and leaves behind a layer of protection. It does a good job at providing a clear, shiny finish and depending on your vehicles condition will remove 20-40% of normal imperfections, but will NOT remove swirls and scratches caused by normal wear and/or improper washing

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*Your vehicles size and starting condition can impact the price of your detail. Heavily soiled vehicles and vehicles with special concerns such as pet hair require more time and energy to correct. We will do a full evaluation of your vehicle before we start and will work with you to determine a price.

Advanced Polish and Wax Packages

For those who want a higher degree of shine we offer two other levels of polish and wax. When choosing a package you must consider the value of your investment and how far you are willing to go to protect and maintain it.

2-Step Polish & Wax

A two step polish and wax is a more advanced procedure that will remove a majority of the shallow paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and light oxidation and restore a much nicer looking finish overall. A two step approach requires a person to run a polisher two times over the paint which requires more time than using only a one-step cleaner/wax. The first step is to machine polish each square inch of each panel and then carefully wipe the polish residue off the surface. Next the wax or paint sealant is applied by hand or machine & then is carefully wiped off the surface. All these procedures take time and add to the total cost of the detailing service.

3-Step: Compound, Polish & Wax

A three step compound, polish and wax approach is an advanced procedure that will remove a majority of all below surface paint defects except very deep defects.* With a three step approach, first each panel is carefully compounded to remove the majority of deeper defects and all the shallow defects. After each panel or section the compound must be carefully wiped off so as not to re-instill scratches from the wiping process. After the compounding step is finished, next the paint is polished to maximize gloss and clarity. Typically a much less aggressive pad and product are used to re-polish each square inch of each panel to remove any hazing left by the more aggressive compounding step while perfecting the paint for application of a wax, synthetic paint sealant or paint coating. Because the compound and polishing step can create a near perfect finish, the polish residue must be carefully wiped-off so as to no re-instill toweling marks that could show up after wax wipe-off. Careful wiping requires more time and "care" from the person doing the detail.

*A note about deeper defects

Key scratches and severe Type 11 Water spots may be too deep to safely remove. The factory clear coat on most new cars is only around 2 mils thick, that's thinner than the average 3M Post-it Note. If too much clear paint is removed in an effort to remove a deeper defect it's possible the car could suffer from clear coat failure down the road. We use an advanced paint depth gauge that uses refracted light to accurately measure how much clear coat is left on your vehicle. For most cars and most people, it is better to learn to trust your detailer to make the judgment call as to which defects to let remain versus trying to remove 100%. Often times a thorough compounding and polishing using premium quality products will reduce the visibility of deeper defects to the point that they are significantly less visible. This is the preferred approach for any vehicle that is used as a daily driver, not a Sunday only garage queen. If complete removal of visible imperfections is desired Paint Correction may be necessary .

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